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Byzantium: 284-1461 AD [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Julian - the Movie [Oct. 5th, 2013|09:22 pm]

[Current Location |Hull]
[mood |amusedamused]

I recently watched the 1919 Italian silent film, Giuliano l'Apostata. It's rather hokey (plot focuses on intersecting love-triangles, entirely fictional!), but the costumes and sets are gorgeous, by Duilio Cambellotti (1876-1960), a major figure in Italian Art Nouveau (unfortunately, later also Fascist art), influenced by Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites. There are some shots which are modelled on Pre-Raph and Alma-Tadema type paintings, including Rossetti's Mariana. The music score is very fine. The lead actor, Guido Graziosi, is at least attractive, although I was a tad peeved he didn't have his shirt off in the final death-bed scene... (Come on! This was the perfect excuse for a good bit of historical h/c!) ;-D
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Julian: the Comic Book [Apr. 7th, 2012|02:23 pm]

[Current Location |Glasgow]
[mood |artistic]

It exists.
Greek Classics Illustrated no. 1254, Ioulianos ho Parabates (Julian the Transgressor). It's a tacky piece of Christian propagandising, complete with a "You have conquered, Galilean!" death-bed repentance scene. And he remains clean-shaven throughout. The poor boy deserves better!

On a happier note, my icon-style painting of him with Wisdom (based on the Bridegroom and Do Not Weep for Me compositional types) is progressing nicely. I love metallic acrylic paint!

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Journey times in 12C [Jul. 25th, 2010|11:10 pm]

[Current Location |Glasgow]
[mood |curiouscurious]

Hi! Is there anyone who can advise me, please, re: how long the voyage took from Genoa to Constantinople in the 12C (and the return trip)?

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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2009|10:24 pm]


Dear Camerades!
Not so far ago, I've downloaded a shockingly nice book -- Fyodor Uspenskiy's "The History of the Byzantine Empire" written just before WW I 
The author: once a director of Russian Imperial Archaeological Institute in Constantinople and really a digger of antiquities ... and not less than a captain-lieutenant of military intelligence;)
The book: a century ago it was sounding like a scandal, for he was discussing the moments not fit to filhellenism in a sciencepop manner ...it was not truly ended and published rarely
However it is in Russian -- but, let's agree,  it is ALSO an academic language

at the same location, there are Uspenskiy's notices on Trapezond Empire -- also a plenty of Russian books on European, Oriental, African and Far East studies
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jubilee topics [Apr. 15th, 2009|03:54 am]


Dear people! Not so far ago, I have acquainted with the fact, that the 60th anniversary of the UNO crusade against slavery is to be at Dec.2, this year 


but the slavery cannot be overthrown by UNO, still


for , imho, this institution is compatible with the Divine Truth

(I think, there is no need to make quotatins from the Holy Bible -- it is simply self-evident)

a great deal of cant was produced in this question -- but, well, the every creed supported for the reason of GAINS will be being subverted with cant --  humanism is not being an exclusion

strange enough, I am offering, contrary to the UNO, to celebrate the International Day for the Support  of Slavery and Oppression

when is it possible?

Apr.12th -- The Civil War in the USA began (1861)
Aug.21st -- the day of first Portuguese landing in Africa and the beginning of true colonialism (1415)
Oct.9th -- Leif Eriksson Day, the day of opening of America (approx.985)
Oct.12th --Columbus Day,  the day of opening of America  (1492)
Nov.26th --winter St.George's day, in many countries the day of transfer of serfs 
Nov.27th -- the Day of Holy Emperor Justinian (see: his hagiograpy), the mightiest Christian imperialist ever existed, who is being the patron of multi-styled economy and the Creator of Codex Juris Civilis, the classical syntagm of Roman (slaveholding!!!)  legislation 

quotation and crossposting is welcome
please, no blasphemic or injuring comments
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Improved Choniates [Jan. 13th, 2009|05:54 pm]

[Current Location |Glasgow]
[mood |geeky]

Googlebooks has improved its version of the Bonn edition of Choniates's Historia (with Latin summary). The previous copy had defective scans on the left-hand pages.

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Поздравляю [Jan. 12th, 2009|08:05 pm]


всѣхъ вѣрныхъ съ Днёмъ Обрѣзанія Господня и съ правильнымъ гражданскимъ Новолѣтіемъ  !

Также поздравляю съ днёмъ памяти Св.Василія Великаго, одного изъ Отцовъ Церкви!

Румынская икона праздника Обрѣзанія Господня


Греческая икона праздника Обрѣзанія Господня и дня иже во Святыхъ отца нашего Василія Великаго



Не стану созидать проповѣдь (это дѣло духовенства) но лишь напомню, что именно на день Василія Великаго Императоръ Пётръ перенесъ общее празднованіе Новолѣтія со дня Свъ.Симеона (1 сентября), оставивъ притомъ Новолѣтіе церковное (по счету лѣтъ отъ сотворенія міра) на прежній день.

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Happy Hannukah [Dec. 22nd, 2008|08:20 am]
It was reported today that Israeli archaeologists have unearthed in Jerusalem a trove of 264 gold coins from the reign of Heraclius.
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Dear All, here am I [Jun. 12th, 2008|10:33 pm]

[Current Location |St.Petersurg City, Russian Empire]
[mood |apatheticapathetic]
[music |the TERIREM (original)]

Name: as written, a nick
Age: 35+(I'm NOT young, I know)
Location: St.Petersburg, NOT Florida :)
Field of study/profession (if any): Economic History, Regional Studies

Why are you interested in Byzantium? It's Rusisan spiritual nativeland, even closer that the British Commonwealth to the USA, for example, or the Spain to the Hispanidad

Do you study Byzantium in any way? (language, history, art, religion, music, amateur, professional) Well, I've red some, f.e.Fyodor Uspensky's The History of the Byzantine Empire, perhaps TOO fluently written but... and also some items on Hellenic,Serbian, Bulgarian and Albanian history (excluding info books)... and I am OBLIGED to study the religion, evidently, being a parishioner of the Orthodox Church of Russia (now the conmmon and consolidated Moscow Patriarchate) and as an economic historian (my article on Russian Church may remain further under another name

Favorite Emperor and/or Dynasty: The Macedonian Dynasty, perhaps

Least favorite Emperor and/or Dynasty: the Laskarides

Any time/place in the period in which you would like to live/visit? Nesebar fortress, once again... and of course the Jerusalem which MUST be Christian again
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Article on Byzantium and the Third Crusade [Mar. 22nd, 2008|11:15 am]

[Current Location |Glasgow]
[mood |geeky]

It's nice to be able to plug an article by one of my former lecturers:
Paul Magdalino, "Isaac II, Saladin and Venice", in Jonathan Shepherd (ed.), The Expansion of Orthodox Europe, Ashgate 2007. Read more...Collapse )
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